Welcome to my blog. I’ve been around this planet long enough that I can be labelled as many things amongst them daughter/sister/aunt/attorney/artist/sports lover both as viewer and participant/writer/voracious reader and the list goes on and on. I am passionate about many things relating to those different parts of me. And… I’m mentally ill—more specifically, I’m bipolar.  The illness and the stigma surrounding it have in the past and continue to affect every part of my life in both a positive and negative manner. I intend to write about a plethora of topics reflecting my varied interests. Of particular interest to me is mental illness and the stigma associated therewith, ECT and its own stigma and bipolar disorder in general.

My bipolar credentials are as follows:  I have bipolar 2 and have had it since my teens although I wasn’t diagnosed until my early thirties. And, my depression is treatment resistant. I had a UCLA psychologist tell me that mine was the most debilitating case of depression she’d ever seen. Hell, I had another one fire me because my issues were beyond her skill set. Over the years I’ve tried 20+ meds alone and in combination and nothing helped. Things got worse and worse and eventually I was hospitalized. It was there that I finally agreed to try ECT and that has been a literal lifesaver

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